Custom orders/wholesale

so happy to have you here! 
we are so excited to be offering wholesale and customized items! 

Customization is great for your business, bachelorette parties etc., 

-Please note for custom items a minimum of (4) products need to be ordered of the same custom design! 


-if you order over (8) products, we will waive any customization fees 


no two wholesale (or bulk 8+) orders are the same, so please fill out the form below and we will respond asap to get you a quote! 

orders of 8 are more are eligible for discount! 

please email
some information about your order to start the process



Some FAQ: 

what is turnaround time? 
this does vary depending on a few factors, such as number of items being ordered, the design etc.,
we will aim for a two week turnaround time in most cases 


what qualifies for a bulk discount?
8 or more of the same item (sizing can vary!)

can i get more than just sweaters and tees etc?
we are happy to help with anything! we have access to large inventories with so many items that would be perfect for you!