Hi friends!

We are aware of the confusion surrounding currency, and we wanted to make sure things are understandable for you while you shop! 
We are working with shopify to get some things changed over, but until then please note the following:


We are based in Canada! Our HQ is in Calgary, Alberta! 
so by default, our shop is in Canadian currency. At the top right of the screen, you can shop in your own currency, however, at the checkout it will hop back to canadian dollars.
BUT don't worry! you won't be charged anything extra, you will only be charged in the currency that you make your payment. 
for example, if you are a US customer paying with a US credit card, you will be charged in US dollars! 

So for example: if your order comes to $100 canadian at checkout, you can do a quick google search to see what the approximate conversion would be. 
(google example: 100 cad to usd.
this would be approximately $79USD)

We hope this is a bit more clear, but if you have any questions about this you can contact us -
or your bank, paypal etc! 

We are always happy to help!